Thursday, 16 March 2017

Vincent and Matt, comparsion

Photos from the movie Gattaca

"There's no gene for fate"~Vincent in Gattaca.   

Hello reader,
First off if you have not watched the film Gattaca I would highly suggest that you to.  It is an amazing movie and has a great deep message.  Also, in case you intend to watch it the trailer does not do it justice.  

So why am I telling you all this?
Well, today I intend to compare the two main characters from The House of the Scorpion and Gattaca, Matt and Vincent.   When comparing characters traits we can use a tool called the S.T.E.A.L analyses.   This stands for:
Effect on others
Bellow, I have put both Matt and Vincent into one. 
As you can see from this there is a lot of things in common between both the main characters.   One other thing that this analysis does not show is how they both are struggling with science as it is the basis of all of their issues.  We are now starting a debate topic on this so I would like your opinion.  Is scientific progress good of humanity?  
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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A real world farm Patrol!

The house of the scorpion is a fictitious book but is the Farm Patrol real?

In many countries like the US and Mexico, borders are under tension due to illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and smuggling.  Now more than ever with the new Trump presidency is their issues.  Bellow, I will look at some parts of Nancy Farmer's book and see what it is like in real life!

El patron may seem like something there we would all assume would never be at the border.   However, at the USA-Mexico border, this is different people that are government funded to hunt down legal's.   A man has started an obsession with using drones to hunt down immigrants.  He uses a computer algorithm that will then send the Cordenents to the authority's if he finds one.  He has left his wife and his house to move away to the border and pressure this passion.   Well, it may seem like a game to him, it has dire consequences for the people that have risked a ton to come over to the border to a better life!   El Patron uses the people for his gain. However, these people at the USA border are only doing this to be patriotic and for fun!  So the question I would like to ask you, the reader is:
Ignoring the fact that he uses them as slaves.  Is it better or more morally correct to stop immigrants for fun or your personal gain?  Please respond in the comments!

Another part of the Farm Patrol that does seem like the border patrol is the part where they almost try to shot Matt and could kill him.  However, right now there is a lawsuit over a young teenaged boy that a border guard shot to death at the USA-Mexico border.   He was playing with some friends near it, and it is unsure whether he crossed it or not but what is known is that when his dead body hit the earth, it was on the Mexican side.   Now you would think that an event like this would be all over the police but what is so surprising is that the supreme court just announced that the MAY look into it.  On this border alone there are over ten fatal shootings a year.  That is almost like the farm patrol; they would consider shooting people to death for crossing!

So what are your thoughts on the questions I asked and the border, I would love the here below,

Sunday, 5 March 2017

What elements of Worldview effect Matt?

Hello again readers,
Today we are going to be talking about what the Elements of Worldview are, and what ones effect Matt's worldview the most.    

In case any of you have forgotten from grade 8 (or have got to go there still) here is a quick review.  Your worldview is how you see the world or the lens you view it through.  It is also how different events in your life have affected it.  For example, do people have naturally good or bad intentions to you?  Why?  The Elements of Worldview is a way to look at worldview.  By dividing it into the categories below:

So now that we know all about Worldview it is time to talk about what one's effect Matt the most.  I believe that first off, View of Human Nature effects matt immensely.  This is because in his early years he was not treated well by Rosa, the doctor, etc.    Now he has a type of underlying view that people are all bad, until they prove to him that they are good.   Part of this also happened when Steven betrayed him.   An example of this is how Matt thought that Tam Lin would betray him after taking him from the hospital.  It did not occur to Matt that Tam Lin would save him!   

I also think that Matt is influenced a lot by Equality With Others, as for a lot of the book, he thinks that he is not a human and is less than one as he is a clone.   Everyone treated him poorly so he just assumes that he is less than them.   It totally shocked Matt when Tam Lin told him that clones are the same as humans and that there is not a difference except where they came from.  Matt thought that the border guards could tell that he was a clone.   Another example of him being influenced by this is him with El Patròn.  He thinks that El Patròn saves him and even after he discovers his evil plan he still loves El Patròn and thinks that he should even consider giving himself up to him.   

Lastly, I think that Sources of Ethical Wisdom has an influence on him as Celia and Maria are deeply religious and God is their source of ethical wisdom, but Matt does not know where he fits in and just follows along with them even after Maria tells him that the priest thinks he does not have a soul!

Thank you all for reading and I will talk to you in another blog post soon,

Friday, 24 February 2017

What makes you good or bad... or both?

Is it conceivable to be good and bad at the same time?  Is El Patron good or is he bad?  Or is he even both?   How about Matt?   In the House of The Scorpion, some of the characters are starting to show if they are good and bad or in between.  Excessively El Patron and Matt!

To figure this out the first question we have to ask ourselves is whether someone's past can affect their present on if they are right or wrong.   As Tam Lin describes El Patron  "He is a large tree that casts shade all over the forest but has many twisted branches" (The House of the Scorpion ).   El Patron has the past that was bad and had some corrupt parts but is not entirely evil now, and in his old age, you can not help be feel some pity for the old man.  He is not too bad anymore (as much as we see) and is kind to Matt, "as Matt is himself"(The House of the Scorpion Back of the book).  So the question remains can he be both good and bad at the same time?     

We also have to consider if it is your intentions or your actions that count when deciding if you are "good" or "bad."   Matt had good intentions in kidnapping fur ball but even if fur ball was not killed it still would have probably made Maria mad and had bad results.  So was Matt Good and Evil at the same time or was he just good or evil?  

Finally, we can look at character aliments.  This is how a character's intentions are directed.  For example, if they are naturally good, evil or neutral.  If they are chaotic good or neutral good or lawful good.   (I have attached a chart below)  By looking at the ailments, we can find some such as chaotic good where they do the wrong thing, or break to law for a worthy cause.   This is sort of like how Matt steals FurBall so he can talk to Maria.   

I believe that it is, in fact, possible to be both good and bad some of the time but most often it is not.  El Patron is able to switch from being good towards some people and bad towards other but is not both at the same time.  The only time that I have found that someone could do this if they are doing something bad, but have good intentions and need to do one evil thing to stop 2 evil things.   An example of this is hackers that break the law to stop things they believe are wrong.

The Chart I talked about:


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

My Reflection on the book so far

This is a blog post to talk about the thought I have on the novel ‘The House of The Scorpion' so far.  If you are wondering why I have not been posting as often lately it is because we are putting more post to our other blog for this project ‘The Scorpion Circle’.  

One of the aspects of this book that I did bring up in the discussion on our other blog but still intrigues me is why in the novel even hates clones.  This was something we were considering before but after reading up to page 101.  All of their people hate clones so much that they can not even get Matt a proper teacher, they had to get an eejit to teach him.  (A person with an implanted chip inside their head.)  It is really weird as so far into the book there does not seem to be a difference between Matt and other kids except he is like a younger version of El Patron.  It was mentioned near the beginning of the book that all clones brains are altered so they can not do normal life functions but Matt is different and you would think that they would get over the stigma.  I am wondering if Matt my die young as it was hinted in the chapter titles.  This could explain one of the reasons that people still believe that he is different.   In one part matt hears “Clones go to pieces when they get older”.  Could this mean that matt will die young or something bad will happen to him?  

One other thing that has interested me so far is why the have to destroy clones minds if it makes them so bad.  Could it be they always want to tell the difference or that they are worried they may revolt or become smarter?  Also, why did Al Patron not destroy Matt's brain and instead let him continue to function as a normal human?  Could it be that he would like matt to inherit his empire? These are all some questions that I have been pondering on the novel if you have any insights or more questions let me know in the comments.
I will talk to you soon,

Friday, 10 February 2017

Hello readers,

We are starting a new study as a class on The House of the Scorpion!  I have attached a photo of the book and will add the short description of it bellow.   I am super excited as this looks like a great book, and I can not wait to dive "write” in.  Because of this book, for the next few months, this blog will be focused on the novel study and of course the book.  If any of you would like to find more information on it you can visit this site.  

Like I have mentioned above a am excited about this new inquire and am deeply interested in the book as it looks extremely engaging and would have a deep plot line.  I just can not wait to start!  However, I guess it will be hard not to read ahead (witch I have done before) and stay with the class.  Well, if I finish this post I can start to read so see you later!
Talk to you soon,

Matteo Alacran was not born; he was harvested with the DNA from El Patron, lord of a country called Opium. Can a boy who was bred to guarantee another’s survival find his purpose in life? And can he ever be free?

Monday, 24 October 2016

Should children’s exposure to whimsical ideas should be limited in order to effectively prepare them for adulthood? {Individual post 1}

We all love the wonderful story of The Little Prince but with all due respect do we want our children to live in the weirdest house on the block and try to fly to a far away asteroid?  I debated this idea a few weeks ago, and I believe that yes, children’s exposure to whimsical ideas should be limited to prepare them for adulthood effectively.  

First off, before you label me as a horrible person, I am proposing that whimsical ideas should be limited, not taken out completely.  Lots of the ideas are good for their creativity, and they are good for their beautiful future but at some point may be unsafe or dangerous for them to pursue.  Just because they want to build a treehouse does not mean that they should be able to do this alone. But if you want to do this with them…

 “Your child’s environment, especially at home, directly influences growth. According to Garry Evans, a researcher at Cornell University. “

When we expose our children to a happy, calm, and controlled environment, the can learn and grow faster.  However, children who grow up in a noisy, overcrowded and violent home have social issues, and problems explain his research.  This could connect because if a child decides not to study and instead build an airplane with parts from your house, you would want them to stop.  Ideas like this should be limited as the can create stress for all parties involved.  

Danielle and Francisco are both seven years old, in the second grade, and live in Newark, N.J.  Now when Danielle grows up, she wants to be a model, and this sweet little girl figures that she will earn $505 annually.  However, Francisco intends to be a super spy.   He believes that he will get $500,000 on a yearly basis.  Children that are exposed to lots of whimsical and magical ideas have goods ideas of what they want to do but no idea of what they will be paid.  Most kids are in for a repeated heartbreak when they figure out how hard it is to become an actor and how little one pays,  This is one of the problems that can happen if a child gets older and still has far too many whimsical ideas.  Another one is that say your child wants to be a princess and decides that it would be good to go to sports practice in their fabulous ballerina outfit.  This will not get them on the team.   And it’s just an example of what can go wrong!  Imagine more severe problems like getting into a good school for university and competing with more severe students. Let’s face it sometimes they don't know what is best for them.  Failure is okay, but if they make a mistake that winds up landing them in prison, we should make the better choice for them now.

I believe that it is important that at some point a child's beautiful imagination should have a limit but only because of their safety or work that is necessary to be completed.  I also believe that it is valuable for children's imaginations to have time to run wild just not all the time when focus and cold hard work is necessary.  

Thank you for reading my blog.  Do you agree or disagree? Post in the comments below!