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Oryx and Crake Novel study 1/5 in!

So here we are! I have officially finished 1/5 of the novel Oryx and Crake.  Before we dive into this though, you may have noticed a section called book club on my blog.  If you click on the drop down section in the top right you can see a clue section.  I have added a riddle for each 1/5 of the novel.  If you are following along you can get access to the book club page by solving all of the riddles!
Moving on, So far it has been very hard to try to get the setting from the story as it keeps switching between the past and present.   In the present, we are in a post-apocalyptic world.  With the exception of the green-eyed children that were created by Crake (It is unsure if they are genetically modified or actually his kids) snowman is the only literate one from the past world.  As the book says “Snowman can make no such assumptions: he’ll have no future reader, because the Crakers can’t read.  Any reader he can possibly imagine is in the past.”(Atwood, 41).  

Now in the past world, w…
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Oryx and Crake Novel study post 1

Hello readers!  It has been a long time since I have posted on this blog and as you can see I finally gave it a new (and improved :) look!  I am posting again as we are starting a new novel study in the class on books about world issues.  I decided to read the book known as the start of dystopian….

Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood!  I chose the book as it was recommended by our librarian.  She gave a brief description and I knew I would like it!  It has a ton of interesting parts.  I am very interested to see how genetic modification is used in this world and what went wrong.  I feel that this book will be great for me as I am very interested in science and genetics.   I have high expectations for this book in terms of content and realistic science so let's see if it lives up to my expectations!  Well, it's time to get back to reading!

Below I have attached a schedule so you can keep up with what I am reading.  Every 75 pages or so I will be posting a blog post on the book s…

Vincent and Matt, comparsion

"There's no gene for fate"~Vincent in Gattaca.
Hello reader, First off if you have not watched the film Gattaca I would highly suggest that you to.  It is an amazing movie and has a great deep message.  Also, in case you intend to watch it the trailer does not do it justice.  
So why am I telling you all this? Well, today I intend to compare the two main characters from The House of the Scorpion and Gattaca, Matt and Vincent.   When comparing characters traits we can use a tool called the S.T.E.A.L analyses.   This stands for: Speech Thoughts Effect on others Actions Looks Bellow, I have put both Matt and Vincent into one.  As you can see from this there is a lot of things in common between both the main characters.   One other thing that this analysis does not show is how they both are struggling with science as it is the basis of all of their issues.  We are now starting a debate topic on this so I would like your opinion.  Is scientific progress good of humanity?   Thanks for rea…

A real world farm Patrol!

The house of the scorpion is a fictitious book but is the Farm Patrol real?

In many countries like the US and Mexico, borders are under tension due to illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and smuggling.  Now more than ever with the new Trump presidency is their issues.  Bellow, I will look at some parts of Nancy Farmer's book and see what it is like in real life!

El patron may seem like something there we would all assume would never be at the border.   However, at the USA-Mexico border, this is different people that are government funded to hunt down legal's.   A man has started an obsession with using drones to hunt down immigrants.  He uses a computer algorithm that will then send the Cordenents to the authority's if he finds one.  He has left his wife and his house to move away to the border and pressure this passion.   Well, it may seem like a game to him, it has dire consequences for the people that have risked a ton to come over to the border to a better life!   E…

What elements of Worldview effect Matt?

Hello again readers, Today we are going to be talking about what the Elements of Worldview are, and what ones effect Matt's worldview the most.    
In case any of you have forgotten from grade 8 (or have got to go there still) here is a quick review.  Your worldview is how you see the world or the lens you view it through.  It is also how different events in your life have affected it.  For example, do people have naturally good or bad intentions to you?  Why?  The Elements of Worldview is a way to look at worldview.  By dividing it into the categories below:
So now that we know all about Worldview it is time to talk about what one's effect Matt the most.  I believe that first off, View of Human Nature effects matt immensely.  This is because in his early years he was not treated well by Rosa, the doctor, etc.    Now he has a type of underlying view that people are all bad, until they prove to him that they are good.   Part of this also happened when Steven betrayed him.   An exa…

What makes you good or bad... or both?

Is it conceivable to be good and bad at the same time?  Is El Patron good or is he bad?  Or is he even both?   How about Matt?   In the House of The Scorpion, some of the characters are starting to show if they are good and bad or in between.  Excessively El Patron and Matt!

To figure this out the first question we have to ask ourselves is whether someone's past can affect their present on if they are right or wrong.   As Tam Lin describes El Patron  "He is a large tree that casts shade all over the forest but has many twisted branches" (The House of the Scorpion ).   El Patron has the past that was bad and had some corrupt parts but is not entirely evil now, and in his old age, you can not help be feel some pity for the old man.  He is not too bad anymore (as much as we see) and is kind to Matt, "as Matt is himself"(The House of the Scorpion Back of the book).  So the question remains can he be both good and bad at the same time?     
We also have to consider if…

My Reflection on the book so far

This is a blog post to talk about the thought I have on the novel ‘The House of The Scorpion' so far.  If you are wondering why I have not been posting as often lately it is because we are putting more post to our other blog for this project ‘The Scorpion Circle’.  

One of the aspects of this book that I did bring up in the discussion on our other blog but still intrigues me is why in the novel even hates clones.  This was something we were considering before but after reading up to page 101.  All of their people hate clones so much that they can not even get Matt a proper teacher, they had to get an eejit to teach him.  (A person with an implanted chip inside their head.)  It is really weird as so far into the book there does not seem to be a difference between Matt and other kids except he is like a younger version of El Patron.  It was mentioned near the beginning of the book that all clones brains are altered so they can not do normal life functions but Matt is differen…